A Dream to Tweak

(Spelling Poem)

I sleep in my bed, and dream so sweat,
I dream of a bird with a big yellow beak.
I also have a dream of an error yet to tweak.
I corrected the mistake, it helped a great deal,
Now in my dreams it can appeal.
No horrid beast to eat you alive,
Just a buzzy bee asleep in it's hive.
No bandits, no criminals to commit treason,
But a tiny mouse only awake in the warm season.
Not a terrifying monster to pounce and leap,
Just a fluffy dog curled up in a heap.
No odours faecal,
Just the warm wafting smell of a bowl of treacle.
Now I see an angel through the trees, she lets off an amazing light beam,
And that's when I wake up from my lovely dream.

Flora 2014/09/20

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